As a child I always loved to draw. I became passionate about art at school and even had one of my pieces sent to be exhibited in China. 

I utilised my artistic skills to produced detailed histological preparations and drawings on a micro and macroscopic level and qualified as a Medical Laboratory Scientist,  in subsequent careers as a Montessori Teacher and Sure Start Manager, my artistic skills were used but to a lesser degree.  

I later felt I needed to embrace my creative roots and I embarked on a graphic design course at Central St Martins. The course rekindled my passion for art and pushed me to pursue my dreams.  

I gained invaluable skills and knowledge by completing a BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design and later went on to study 3D illustration. 

At the age of 55 I was made redundant and since 2011 I started to trade under the name of Alicia Dean Artworks (the names of my children who I reward with a percentage of my sales). I am really proud of my African Caribbean cultural heritage and my artwork reflects this..

I am now navigating the path into the art world as a mature black woman.