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May 2022        The Tudors Passion, Power and Politics -                                     Liverpool 

July 2021           Possible Futures- London

Oct 2020         Beautiful Solo Exhibition- London

June 2019          Windrush Legacy Rich Mix -London

Mar 2018          Diaspora Dialogue #2 Exhibition - London

2017 to 2018   Black Blossoms UK tour

Oct  2017         Diaspora Dialogue Exhibition - London

Aug 2017          Millen Waltham Forest Mela  -London

Jan 2017           Salon Refuses - London

Dec 2016         Exhibit Here Art Maze - London

Nov 2016         Parallel Lines Cell Studios - London

Mar 2016         International Women’s day - London

July 2016        Leytonstone Festival - London

Oct 2015        'Feminism London Conference ‘It’s a Black

                          Thang’ Digital Exhibition- London

Oct 2015        The Gallery café ‘Akoma’  Exhibition -


May  2014      E17 Art Trail 'The Mouse That Inhabits My

                          House' Online Exhibition - London

Aug 2014        639 Tottenham Enterprise Centre ‘Black

                         & Black’  Exhibition - London

April 2014      Bernie Grant Arts Centre 'Prints and                                           Etchings' Exhibition - London

Oct  2013      Winns Gallery Lloyd Park 

                         'Sojourn' Exhibition contribution to BHM -


Sept 2013      Living Raw - Juice Bar & Raw Food

                         Café 'Carnival' - London

June 2013      Winns Gallery Lloyd Park '3' Group

                         Exhibition - London

May 2013      The Mill  Group Exhibition 'Walthamstow

                        Marshes' - London

Nov 2012      Leyton Gallery ‘Winter’ themed Exhibition

July 2012      E17 Art Trail, Open House - London

June 2011      End of Year Art Exhibition, Waltham Forest

                        College - London

Feb 2011       ‘Sainsbury’s Recycling Campaign’ Sainsbury

                        Walthamstow, London

Sept 2009     E17 Art Trail, Waltham Forest College -


June 2009     End of Year Art Exhibition Waltham Forest

                         College  London



Feb 2021      6 Portraits of reimagined 17th/18th century                               African/Caribbean's in Sutton for SACCO.Org

Mar 2019     Dub DJ scraperboard etching for

                       Jacqueline Crooks ‘Fire Rush’

Apr 2018      I Imagine John Blank scraperboard etching

Aug  2016    Curate HLF ‘Our Changing Communities’


Jan 2016       ‘Kyle Walker-Peters’  scraperboard etching 

                        for private collection

Nov 2015     ‘Luminous Leytonstone’ 50 Year Celebration

                        - Waltham Forest in Art

Nov 2014      ‘Joseph’ oil painting for Private Collection

July 2014       ‘Marie’ oil painting for Private Collection

Mar 2014      ‘Seascapes’ painting for Private Collection

Aug 2013      ‘Carnival’ painting for Michelle Yearwood-

                        Grazette Living Raw  

Apr  2012      Artwork for Red Door Communication   

                        RDC titled 'Torn'  Astellas Pharma Ltd

Sept 2011      'Bluebell Field' Mural -  Whips Cross Hospital,





July 2020  Dr Pen Mendoca  Keynote at International                                  Graphic Novel & Comics Conference; Trauma                          (i) Windrush artwork featured.

May 2019     Hackney  Pirates Windrush Generation Panelist


Feb 2019      Literacy Pirates Windrush Generation Panelist


July 2018      Bernie Grant Exhibition London

May 2018     Sketch Book Project New York

Aug 2017      BCA Black Blossoms Inspirational You London

Sept 2016     Artist led sessions for LaddersYPWC at

                        Riverley Primary School- London

Apr  2016     Proverbs project ‘My Gran Always Says’ with

                       Waltham Forest Twinning Association

Mar 2015    Artist led sessions for Ladders YPWC at George

                      Mitchell  School - London

Mar 2014    Artist led sessions for Ladders YPWC at George

                      Mitchell  School - London

Feb 2014    Wader Create London commemorative tea


Oct 2013    Artist led sessions  Story Of Mum exhibition,

                      The Photographers' Gallery -  London

Nov 2013   Artist led sessions for Ladders YPWC at George

                     Mitchell School London



Dec 2019   Artillary Moko  Jumbie  Workshop

Apr 2019   MBS Health & Culture Workshop

Mar 2019   Mbilla Arts  Make it Happen   African Mask

                     Making workshop

Mar 2019   WFWN International Women’s day workshop

Aug 2018   MBS Health & Culture Workshop

Jul  2018    Mbilla Arts Raynes Lark in the Park  African Mask

                     Making workshop

Mar 2018   Mbilla Arts Lake of Stars African Mask Making


Oct 2016    Vestry House Museum Proverbs workshop

Oct 2015     Create Place Akoma Hand  Printing workshop

Mar 2015     International Women’s Day:  Creative Activity

                       Printing workshop

Mar 2014     International Women’s Day: Empowerment

                       Through Creativity workshop

Oct 2014     Links  Exhibition:  Adinkra Hand Printing


Oct 2013     Sojourn Exhibition:  Family Tree Colouring




Nov 2016     ‘My Gran Always Says’

Nov  2014    ‘The Mouse That Inhabits My House’                                             ISBN: 978-3-7375-1884-0 £6.71

Nov 2012      Waltham Forest Black History Month Make

                         Your Mark competition Book Mark titled '1960

                         to 2012' 



2011-  2012    City & Guilds Mixed Media - Community

                          Learning Skills  (CLaSS), London

2011-  2012    City & Guilds Interior Design - Community

                          Learning Skills (CLaSS), London

2011 - 2011     3D Illustration - Central Saint Martins

                           College of Art & Design, London

2009 - 2011   BTEC Foundation Studies (Art & Design)

                           - Waltham Forest College, London

2008- 2009   NOCN Diploma in Art and Design - 

                            Waltham Forest College, London

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